Application Domains

Managing Balwadies

As a teaching, data capture, and control of Balwadies (government-run nursery schools for children below 5 years of age.

Streamlined Disaster Alerts and Guidance

Disaster announcements and instruction dissemination. All the above can be carried out using a single installation at a Balwadi or a village facilitation center, E-Gurukulam can manage hundreds of installations in a network

Vital Medical Guidance for Vulnerable Groups

Providing essential medical advice to pregnant women and elderly individuals for their well-being and health.

Grassroots Information Exchange

Utilizing for effective exchange of information with individuals at the grassroots level.

Workers Training

Empowering and improving skills through comprehensive training for workers.

Village Telemedicine Interface

Establishing a Rural Healthcare Lifeline: The Village Telemedicine Interface.

Vector Control Interface

Optimizing Public Health by Effectively Managing and Mitigating Disease Vectors through the Vector Control Interface.

Teaching Aid for Schools

Elevating Educational Excellence: Empowering Schools with Comprehensive Teaching Aids for Enhanced Learning Experiences.

Teaching Aid for Colleges

Enriching Higher Education: The Comprehensive Teaching Aid for Colleges.

Corporate Training Aid

Fostering Professional Growth and Development: A Comprehensive Training Aid Tailored for Corporates and Organizations to Enhance Skills and Expertise.

E-Gurukulam is designed to have multiple applications in multiple domains. This can be used for disseminating information, imparting training, exchange of information/conferencing, gathering data - video audio, and textual data, creating content, sharing content over selected installations in real-time, and many more. It can be customised to suit the requirements of a specific customer.